The Blue Voyage is a yachting tour, cruising along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coast. We offer this tour, using traditional Turkish "Kech" and "Gulet" which are picturesque and comfortable. Full board is offered and tours can last from 7 days to 2 weeks or more. There is a flexible choice of itineraries since tours can start from Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye, Kaş and Antalya. An ideal way to explore Turkeys unspoiled south west coast line, with its rocky peninsulas, sandy coves and islands.



Life On Boat



It consists of tea, coffee, variety of jams, honey, bread, olives, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs, fruit juice, toast bread

Lunch and dinner:

You will have the chance to taste examples of the delicious Turkish cuisine, including fish and salads, meat dishes, pastries, cakes, steaks ets. accompanied with quality Turkish wines.

Bar on boat:

Prices are fixed by the agency and the bill will be settled at the end of the cruise.


Your crew will always be at your service. The captain who has experience of the coast will try to follow the original course.

Days & Nights

During the day, activities include swimming, sun bathing, relaxing and occasional excursions, whereas the nights are free. Birthdays are celebrated if the crew have been informed beforehand. You may also try the nightlife in ports or towns.

At Your Disposal

On board, you will find goggles and snorkels. Cards, backgammon, chess are also available. A little library awaits your donation for future passengers.


A first aid kit is available on board. For emergencies, radio stations are at service 24 hours a day. There are medical centers in all villages and hospitals in Antalya, Demre, Kaş, Fethiye, Göcek, Marmaris and Bodrum. The captain can easily contact your representative at any time without trouble.

  • The voltage on board is 24 V. / 220 V.

  • Do not throw anything in the toilet, a dustbin is  provided in WC’S.

  • Keep your portholes closed for possible waves.

  • Limit your water consumption and avoid wastage.

  • The price list of drinks is displayed and must be paid directly to the crew at the end of  the cruise.

  • Do not smoke in your cabin.

  • Use flexible soles.

  • Children must be supervised at all times.

  • The completed questionnaire will be appreciated at the end of the cruise.

  • Cabin light are to be turned off when not in use.

  • There is a bar onboard. Do not bring any beverages from outside.

  • Although the route of the cruise is set beforehand, the captain may change this for comfort and security reasons.

Frequency Asked Questions

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  1. What shall I pack?
    This depends on which part of the world you are traveling. For the Eastern Mediterranean, you can bring bathing suit, shorts, sun creams, non slip foot wear, T-shirts and comfortable sweaters for evenings. You might also like to have the option of more formal attire for elegant dining and evening wear. The crew appreciates soft luggage since on-board storage may be limited.

  2. Do I need insurance?
    Travel insurance is always recommended while traveling in case of unforeseen circumstances. Your charter agreement will detail insurance provisions onboard: the yacht remains insured by the owner during your charter, however it is recommend that you purchase additional liability coverage to protect you and your guests from any unforeseen mishap.

    Can I bring children under 12 ?

    Is smoking permitted onboard?
    Smoking is rarely permitted inside the yachts due to fabric damage and lingering odours, however, most allow you to smoke on the outside deck areas.

    Will my family and office be able to reach me on charter?
    Most charter yachts are equipped with some of the latest communications equipment including cellular phones, global satellite communications and radio telephones.

    How much do I tip the crew?
    A crew gratuity is both customary and discretionary. 5% - 10% of the base charter fee is usually the norm depending totally on your discretion. It is usually given to the captain at the end of the charter and divided equally among the crew members

    Can I bring pets?

  3. Starting Your Cruise
    When you arrive at the nearest airport to your yacht, our staff can arrange for you to be met on arrival and escorted to your yacht. Before you arrive, your captain will have received an information sheet giving the names and the approximate ages of your party, when, where and which flights you arrive on and also the details of any food, drink or special dietary requirements you may have, so that your yacht is fully stocked and you can commence your cruise with the minimum of fuss.

How to rent the boat?

  • You can rent the boat at any time and make your own group up to 12 people maximum.

    We use the available current prices.

    If you contact us : you can ask different routes and prices will be given;  or if you require more information about the yacht; or  if you want to change the route at any time to anywhere

    You  can choose between to arrange : 

       a) Boat  rent , include all food, drinks  extra,

       b) Boat rent, include all foods, all drinks (alcohols, beer, wodka, gine, rakı, wine, morning   11:00 at 24:00 between no limit free and water, cola, fanta, sprite, soft, coffee, 24 hours unlimited)

        c) Only boat rent but all foods, all drinks you can buy you want...

    The captain or owner of the yacht will have the responsibility for fuel  and water

    Visits to historical places,  transfers and water sports are not included in the price.

    The local harbour charges will be for the account of the captain

    Everything is possible but prices depends on where or how far you want to go

    All payment by EURO and daily,

    All people travel on the yacht and the yacht itself are full insured (please ask for more information, it is not satisfied,

    What ever size group you are the captain will arrange to give you, whatever size yacht you want and where you want to go,

    Reservations are at a 25% deposit of cost of hire of yacht, paid in to the bank and rest of money paid on the yacht at time of hire,

    If the tour is cancelled it is possible to return deposit,

  • Please mail us other requests